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  • Fast, robust, easy to use SSH server for Windows with secure SFTP and SCP file transfer; TCP/IP tunneling; VT100/xterm; Windows groups, domain accounts; public key, Kerberos authentication; virtual accounts; powerful settings. Free for personal use.

    Whats new in version 7.12:
    • SFTP v6 data copy and file copy requests are now supported.
    • Files can now be moved and copied across virtual mount points.
    • Renaming a file or directory now requires read, write, and delete permissions in mount point configuration. Previously, write and delete permissions were sufficient.
    • A text seek to the beginning of the file had no effect, and failed to send a reply. Fixed.
    Port forwarding:
    • When evaluating client-to-server port forwarding destinations specified by DNS name, the destination address wasn\'t properly translated to an IP address and matched against IP-based connect rules. This especially affected users who upgraded from versions 5.26 and earlier, whose default connect rules contain a single IPv4 entry. Fixed.
    • When denying a client-to-server port forwarding request, an incorrect target address could be logged. Fixed.
    • The insert time and comment information associated with the SSH server\'s host keys can now be obtained through "BssCfg keypair qu...

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